5 Oceans Fund

The Castle Point 5 Oceans Fund is a diversified fund that provides exposure to a range of growth and defensive assets both globally and locally. The fund can invest both in direct securities and selected managed funds.

How to invest

To invest in this fund, click here to download the latest Product Disclosure Statement.  Complete the application form inside and send it to us.  If you need any assistance e-mail us or call us on +64 (0) 9 300 6060.  We look forward to helping you with your investments.


The objective is to generate a positive return above cash with a focus on protecting investors' capital.

The performance objective is to outperform the NZ Official Cash Rate by 3% per annum over the medium to long-term, after all fees (and other expenses) but before tax.


The 5 Oceans Fund pays a monthly distribution. Investors can elect to reinvest distributions in the fund or have them paid out to their nominated bank account. Currently the fund distributes 0.35c per month for each unit held (a yearly distribution of 4.2% based on a $1 unit price). 

Investment Strategy

We believe that superior returns are generated by investing with a long-term perspective and focusing on capital preservation. 

The 5 Oceans Fund is designed to have a diversified asset and geographic exposure.  The exposure to growth assets can be varied between 30% and 70% of the Fund depending on the underlying managers’ assessment of market risk. This is quite different from traditional diversified funds which often target a set growth allocation and invest accordingly.

The 5 Oceans Fund achieves this by carefully selecting managers that have flexible investment mandates and/or employ risk mitigation strategies. This gives the 5 Oceans Fund a dynamic and flexible exposure to growth assets and greater focus on capital protection in the event of market crashes.

The 5 Oceans Fund does not have a strict target asset allocation rather employs broad ranges for the different asset classes, as detailed in the Statement of Investment Policy and Objective (see Documents).

Currency hedging can be employed to reduce, or eliminate, the effect of currency movements on some or all of the 5 Oceans Fund’s overseas currency exposures. 


Fund Type NZ managed investment scheme. The fund is a Portfolio Investment Entity (“PIE”)
Supervisor Public Trust
Auditor Deloitte
Administration MMC
Establishment Date 21st September 2016
Objective NZ Official Cash Rate + 3%
Minimum Investment $10,000
Distribution 0.35c per month per unit
Entry/Exit Fees Nil
Buy/Sell Spread 0.30% of each investment / redemption
Management Fee 1.05% per annum which covers our management fee, the management fees of the underlying funds and normal operating expenses of the 5 Oceans Fund
Performance Fee Some underlying funds may charge performance-based fees

Investment Ranges

Cash and cash equivalents 0-70%
New Zealand Fixed Interest 0-70%
International Fixed Interest 0-70%
Australasian Equities 0-50%
International Equities 0-70%
Other 0-100%

Growth/Income Ranges

The 5 Oceans Fund does not have strict income / growth targets rather invests with the following ranges. 

Total Income Assets 30-70%
Total Growth Assets 30-70%

Independent research report

The 5 Oceans Fund is rated AA by FundSource. To login to FundSource market research please click here.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

Further Information

For further information on the 5 Oceans Fund and to invest please download the latest Product Disclosure Statement lodged with the Registrar here.

For 5 Oceans Fund unit prices click here.

Units in the 5 Oceans Fund are issued by Castle Point Funds Management Limited.