Why Castle Point

Castle Point is a boutique Fund manager formed in 2013 by Richard Stubbs, Stephen Bennie, Jamie Young and Gordon Sims.

Aligned and focused

We believe that having a focused team with a rigorous approach to in-depth research, and a team that is strongly aligned with investors is key to maximising the identification of investment opportunities. The members of the Investment Team are investors in our own Funds.

Long term investors

We also believe that superior returns can be generated by investing with a long-term perspective and focusing on capital preservation.  This is because financial market investors are generally, in our opinion, biased towards short term performance resulting in the inefficient pricing of some assets. 

Proven investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy seeks to exploit market inefficiencies that exist, in our opinion, because financial market investors tend to:

  • focus on recent past performance
  • underestimate the effect of capital flows and the resilience of poor returning companies (we call this the ‘Value opportunity’)
  • underestimate the length of time growth companies can earn excess returns (we call this the ‘Quality opportunity’).

Our investment commentaries frequently delve into examples that illustrate how our investment philosophy works in practice.

Why long term investing works

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