18 Jan 2020

Some company awards

We were so delighted to have won several awards this year that we decided to issue some of our own for 2019:


The QE Award

Goes to the dividend yielders. There are quite a few expensive companies out there that remain attractive for their yield. The reserve bank's rate cut only made them more attractive.


The Brexit Award

Brexit has been confusing and painful for Brits and observers everywhere but Gentrack’s shareholders must have developed a particular dislike of Boris Johnson, given the impact it has had on their company’s UK earnings.


Most Surprising Earnings Upgrade Award

Warehouse shareholders will remember 2019 with great affection given it was essentially the first surprise earnings uplift in a generation.


Value Trap Award

This is a tie between Sky TV and Metro Performance Glass. Both down over 50% this year with no respite in sight.


Deal of the Year Award

SmartPay managed a cracking deal to sell their New Zealand business to Verifone for $70m when the whole business was valued by the market as worth only $30m! Shares up over 100% on that news.


The Unnoticed Downgrades Award

Normally share prices fall on earnings downgrades but not Auckland International Airport. This year it is no longer even going to grow earnings, yet its share price is still up for the year.


Corporate Bully Award

Rio Tinto looked to hand a “Smelter Belter” to the electricity gentailers by threatening to leave their own party, the market has ultimately taken it all with a pinch of salt.


The CEO Retention Award

A2 Milk dominate this category managing to only keep their new CEO for 16 months. Pushed or jumped, it was certainly a stint that did not merit a gold watch or indeed golden handcuffs.


Well Earned Retirement Award

Few can claim a track record as long and successful as the team at Port of Tauranga, especially their retiring CFO, Steve Gray. Simon Mouter comes in a close second here. He is a class act, which Spark needs if it is going to continue paying its dividend and find avenues for earnings growth.


IPO of the Year Award

Well, it was the only one, Napier Port. Still, great to see a quality company listed.